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Spe-filter Vydac Bioselect®

For Extraction, Concentration and Clean-up of Biological Samples

 Vydac® – BioSelect SPE columns are disposable sample clean-up devices which complement Vydac® HPLC columns.

The media are the same high-quality silica bonded with the same chemistries used in Vydac® 300Å TP reversed-phase HPLC columns, giving Vydac® – BioSelect SPE columns similar selectivity and recovery.

Applications for Vydac® – BioSelect SPE columns :

  • Desalting of polypeptide solutions
  • Concentration of proteins and peptides
  • Removal of HF and cleavage products from cleavage solutions
  • Removal of lipids and strongly bound proteins
  • Improvement of HPLC resolution by prior removal of early and late eluting by-products or reagents
  • Preparation of environmental and food samples

Key features

Phases available
  • C4
  • C18
Size available
  • 50mg/1mL

  • 100mg/3mL