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MEDIA Davisil

SepaChrom offers the product line Davisil® from W.R.Grace & Co – Conn, the world’s largest manufacturer of specialty silica gel. Davisil® is available for laboratory and industrial scale purification. Davisil® silica’s chemical and structural properties are optimized for chromatographic performance.

Tight control of these properties from raw material to finished product in addition to real time monitoring of production processes distinguishes Davisil® silica and ensures consistent performance.

Manufactured for over 25 years, Davisil® chromatographic silica is one of the world’s most widely used chromatography sorbents. Davisil® silica is produced by ISO-9001 certified facilities under strict QC controls from raw material to finished product. Available in both normal phase bare silica and various bonding chemistries (C18, Amino, Diol, Cyano) for alternative selectivity.

Wide selection of distinct pore diameters (30Å – 4500Å) for separation of a wide range of MW sizes. Available from 1kg to multi-ton quantities.

Together, SepaChrom and Grace commitment is to provide their customers with adequate technical assistance, supplying column packing services for Preparative HPLC and Industrial Process, laboratory tests, consultancy for choosing the most suitable silica, sales, installation and service of Preparation and Process Flash chromatography instrumentation.

Our goal is to support users of Chromatography techniques to get the best results with their applications and in their daily challenges.

Key features

Improved Performance
Predictable Scale-Up
Exceptional Product Reliability
Greater Selection
Unmatched Technical Support