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media Sepa-Bulk

SepaChrom offers a complete line of 100Å Spherical Silica Gel media used in many applications, including Laboratory and Industrial scale Purification.

Sepa-Bulk is available in a wide range of Particle Sizes :

               – 10µm & 15µm for Preparative HPLC,

               –  20-45µm for Preparative LC

               –  40-75µm for Flash Chromatography

               –  75-200µm for Industrial Scale Purification.

To complete the product line Sepa-Bulk is available with a wide range of Porosities, including 70Å, 150Å, 200Å, 300Å, 500Å, 800Å and 1000Å.

Sepa-Bulk product lines include a wide range of bonded media to meet any purification challenge from Laboratory to Industrial scale including C18 – C8 – Phenyl, Diol, Cyano, Amino, Silica and other specialties.

Packaging is available from 100g to multi-ton for laboratory to process scale applications.

Key features


The Spherical Silica base material provides the highest robustness even in DAC Prep Column.


Ultra High-Purity Silica minimize unwanted interaction with the compounds.

  • 70Å
  • 100Å
  • 150Å
  • 200Å
  • 300Å
  • 500Å
  • 800Å
  • 1000Å
  • C18
  • C8
  • DIOL
  • CN
  • NH2
  • Silica