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Solid Phase Extraction Columns

On February 6th, 2018 , the brand name GracePure™ has been discontinued and replaced by the new brand name SEClute™.

SEClute™ SPE product line is suitable in pharmaceutical, agriculture, food & beverage, petrochemical and environmental application. These products deliver the selectivity and high recovery you expect from an SPE process.

  • Highest Quality Control – Every part of SEClute™ SPE manufacturing process is carefully monitored.  From silica production to final product, over 30 tests are performed, and the products come with a comprehensive quality assurance certificate.
  • Component Tests – SEClute™ tubes are constructed from a highly inert grade of polypropylene to prevent extractable contamination.  Polyethylene frits are thoroughly washed in organic solvent which also eliminates extractables.
  • Manufacturing Control – Every manufacturing batch is guaranteed to have less than 2% bed weight variation and uniform flow rates.