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Adamas® Prep

A New Platform for Scale-Up to Preparative Applications

Adamas® media is available in 3µ & 5µ for Analytical purpose. A Scale-Up for Preparative purpose is done with Prep Columns packed with 5µ – 10µ & 15µ.

Adamas® Preparative HPLC columns are available the following IDs : 7.8mm – 10.0mm – 21.2mm – 30.0mm & 50.0mm and Lengths : 100mm – 150mm – 250mm.

In Preparative a good method optimization results in solvent, time and labor cost saving. On top a higher recovery and purity can be achieved.

Adamas® family count 5 different C18 selectivities to support your method optimization. All of them are available for Preparative applications.

Just Wondering…

Adamas is a word of ancient Greek origin (αδαμας) and later Latin (ădămās).

The meaning of Adamas is Invincible and Unyelding – like a Diamond.

Diamonds are well known for their hardness and purity, which are the characteristics that distinguishes our Adamas® HPLC Media.