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Interchim is a well known leader company in the intrumentation segment dedicated to the laboratory purification. Innovation and Robustness ensure the users to achieve excellent results over the time, increasing their efficiency and productivity.

SepaChrom provide the technical service with competence and speed, through service program and contracts o on request, always with intervention response very quick and competitive price.  Working with us means feel free to focus on the other important topics of your task, you’ll never walk alone!

The comprehensive product line of  Interchim includes intruments for Flash, hybrids Flash/Prep and Ultra-Prep Chromatography, as well as dedicated instruments for the purification of Peptides and Proteins.

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Large Scale/ Cannabis

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Flash – Flash/Prep – Ultra-Prep

The Interchim puriFlash® Generation 5 range of instrument for Flash, Flash/Prep and Ultra-Flash Chromatography is the best you can find on the market due to the widest choice for all the needs, the technological innovation and the robustness of the components used.

6 Models to cover all the needs with the most suitable instrumentation.

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Peptides Purification

The purification of peptides needs dedicated instrumentation to ensure to achieve the requirements of sensitivity, recovery and productivity specific of this activity.

Interchim propose a dedicated instrument to this segment, the model PF-5.250P up to 125mL/min and 250 bar max pressure rate, with optimized Flow Path to purify even the most complex peptide mixtures.

PF-5.250P model can be configurated with integrated ELSD (Evaporative Light Scattering Detector), MS detector, RI detector, AutosamplerSecond Collector and/or Multi-waste electrical Valve.

Large Scale/ Cannabis

Process – Kilo-Lab

When large scale purification is needed, reliability and robustness with significant loading capacity is a must!

Interchim models XS-520plus, 535-XL and 5.015-XL provide reliability and robustness over time, as well as security features are the essential assets to make semicontinuous productions effective with up to hundreds of grams of the compound of interest.

Continuity of production on the same device independently of the scale-up factor.


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