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HPLC columns Ion Chromatography

Ion chromatography has been known for few decades, using ion-exchange resins as stationary phases for general laboratory glass column separations. Since mid 70s, the innovation in this technology has occurred resulting in the  high-performance Ion Chromatographic Systems capable of separation of monovalent and multivalent inorganic and organic ions in few minutes.  

The use of Ion Chromatography Suppressor that eliminate all but analyte ions from the mobile phase and the high efficient IC Columns did contribute to the success of the technique. 

IC has established itself as the method of choice for the determination of common anions such as chloride, sulfate, and phosphate in blood and serum samples.  

SepaChrom manufactures a robust, long life and affordable Ion Chromatography Suppressor to be used with all the HPLC systems coupled to a Conductivity Detector in order to reach sensitivity level required by the environmental application.  

SepaChrom offers a wide range of Ion Chromatography columns and a comprehensive line of SPE cartridges for Ion Chromatography in order to approach your application challenges.