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FLASH Flash Cartridges

Flash Chromatography Columns

Purezza® is the new SepaChrom family of High Performance Flash Chromatography Cartridges.

We use ultra-pure silica gel as well as pharmaceutical grade polypropylene cartridges to assure high performance and trouble free purification.

  • Teledyne Isco (CombiFlash®, Rf, Companion®, Retrieve®, OptiX®)
  • Biotage (Isolera™, SP, Flash, FlashMaster II, Selekt®)
  • Armen (Spot Flash System)
  • Interchim (puriFlash® line)
  • Buchi – previously Grace (Reveleris® X1 & X2, Reveleris® Prep), Pure®, Sepacore®
  • Gilson (PLC)
Our cartridges offer several advantages over other products on the market:
Low Fines
Neutral pH
100% leak-free
no tailing or channelling
lot-to-lot reproducibility