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Vydac® has always been a trusted name in bioseparations. Produced by a unique process based on purified organosilicate starting materials, Vydac® spheroidal silicas are a well-defined, highly pure, totally porous separation resin for preparative and process scale users ideal for protein, peptide, and oligonucleotide separations and purifications.

Referenced in more than 9000 patents, Vydac®  TP resin is the 300Å phase to which all others are compared. High recovery of proteins makes this product more cost-effective than less expensive alternatives and it is available in a wide range of bonding chemistries for alternative selectivities.

Separate biomolecules from small peptides to large intact proteins with the Vydac® family of products which includes reversed phase, normal-phase, ion-exchange, and affinity phases. Our extensive applications library offers solid method development guidance, and our technical experts provide insight to even the most unusual separation challenges. Whether your primary analysis consideration is speed, MS compatibility, resolution, or recovery, we have a solution.