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HPLC columns


SepaChrom‘s new Robusta® HPLC columns are manufactured using Ultra-High Purity Silica media.

Robusta® packing has very low trace metal impurities which gives symmetrical peaks for both acidic and basic compounds.

A narrow particle size distribution means that column backpressure is minimized even at higher flow rates.

Tight controls during manufacturing of the silica base material and its bonding are a critical factor in obtaining the best lot-to-lot consistency.

Robusta® HPLC Column line includes C18 – C8 – Phenyl – Cyano – NH2 – Silica with particle size 3, 5 & 10µ for both Analytical and Preparative applications.

High Quality HPLC Columns
High Performance at a Low Price

Key features


Each Robusta® HPLC column is individually tested to ensure optimal performance.


Robusta® HPLC column are ideal for daily and intensive use, as they provide superior performance and exceptionally long lifetime at a very Low Price.


High quality Silica base material, its bonding and the SepaChrom‘s advanced packing methods provide optimal column performance and reproducibility of the Robusta® HPLC Columns.