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SPE-Filter Maxi-Clean™

SepaChrom offer the well known brand Maxi-Clean™ which was introduced decades ago by Alltech Associates and recently acquired by S*Pure Ltd. High-Quality of Maxi-Clean™ Cartridges is today recognized among the users of chromatographic techniques.

Maxi-Clean™ Cartridges have the same bed dimensions as 4mL SPE Columns for easy method cross-over. Process a single cartridge by syringe or multiple cartridges by vacuum. Maxi-Clean™ cartridges allow you to stack different cartridges for multi-step extractions. Use top and bottom caps for easy transport or field samples. Here’s 10 different ways these cartridges can be used to address difficult extractions and SPE protocols.

Maxi-Clean™ are available with Reverse-Phase, Normal-Phase, Ion-Chromatography and Ion-Exchange sorbents. SepaChrom commit to deliver these items from stock at a competitive price in the market.