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VYdamas® Prep

VYdamas® is a new line of bulk media for Purification of Large Molecules.

VYdamas® is available in C4 – C8 – C8-P – C18 and C18-P with pore size of 100Å, 200Å and 300Å make them suitable for the purification of Peptides and Proteins.

The particle size range for the preparative purification is 10µ – 15µ and 20/45µ and Preparative columns are available in 7. .8mmID – 10.0mmID – 21.2mmID – 30.0mmID and 50.0mmID with following lengths:
50mm – 100mm – 150mm – 200mm – 250mm – 300mm and 500mm.

VYdamas® bulk is also available to whom prefer to pack Preparative and Flash columns in their laboratory.

Large Molecule Purification