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HPLC columns Platinum™

The Platinum™ Column Advantage
Controlled silica exposure is the difference that makes Platinum™ columns unique. Instead of thoroughly covering the silica with bonded phase to hide the silica, the exposure of the silica in Platinum™ columns is controlled to provide a dual mode separation with both polar and non-polar sites exposed to your samples. This extends polar selectivity well beyond what other reversed-phase columns offer and gives separations other columns cannot.

Standard Platinum™ Columns vs Platinum™ EPS Columns
Platinum™ columns come in two varieties offering different levels of silica exposure. Standard Platinum™ has a moderate silica exposure and is best used with neutral and moderately polar compounds. Platinum™ EPS (Extended Polar Selectivity) has a high level of silica exposure and is best used with compounds containing more than two polar functional groups.

Key features for challenging separations

Unique selectivity
Better peak shapes with polar analytes
More separation choices with dual-selectivity
Excellent stability and reproducibility