Your Specialists in Chromatography


SepaChrom team has over twenty years of experience in the purification field, both in the industrial scale and laboratory scale.

The complete Interchim product line, well known leader company in the market, include instruments for FLASH, FLASH/PREP and ULTRA-PREP which ensure to properly approach all the purification challenges in your laboratory.

Moreover SepaChrom provide the post sale support through an excellent technical service based on service contracts with quickest intervention response.

The wide range of our manufactured Purezza® cartridges include the type STANDARD and OPEN-LOAD, based on IRREGULAR or SPHERICAL Silica, 15µ, 25µ and 50µ, more than 20 bonding, from REVERSED PHASE to CHIRAL bonding.

For those who prefer make the columns in their laboratory, a wide range of Bulk is available, both silica and polymeric based material.

Flash and Prep Instruments

The comprehensive product line of  Interchim includes intruments for Flash, hybrids Flash/Prep and Ultra-Prep Chromatography, as well as dedicated instruments for the purification of Peptides and Proteins.

Flash Chromatography Columns

Our manufactured Purezza® cartridges include the type Standard and Open-Load, based on Irregular or Spherical Silica, 15µ, 25µ  and 50µ, more than 20 bonding, from Reserved Phase to Chiral bonding. 

Flash Chromatography Bulk

A wide range of Silica and Polymer based material are available for who prefer make the columns in their laboratory or for the scale up to industrial process application.

Flash Chromatography Accessories

A wide range of accessories for puriFlash instruments and for the general use in Flash Chromatography are available for all you purification challenges.