VYdamas HPLC Columns

VYdamas® is a new line of HPLC columns and bulk media for Analytical applications and Purification of Large Molecules as Peptides and Proteins.

VYdamas® is available in C4 – C8 – C8-P – C18 and C18-P with pore size of 100Å, 200Å and 300Å.

The particle size range is 3µ – 5µ – 10µ – 15µ and 20/45µ and columns are available for both Analytical application (ID = 2.1mm – 3.0mm – 4.0mm – 4.6mm) as well Preparative format for complex purifications (ID = 7.8mm – 10.0mm – 21.2mm – 30.0mm – 50.0mm).

VYdamas® bulk is also available to whom prefer to pack Analytical, Preparative and Flash columns in their laboratory.