Adamas HPLC Columns

High Performance HPLC Columns

A New Platform for HPLC and Prep

Adamas® is the media platform for analytical and preparative scale-up application base on Ultra High-Purity silica. The very low metal content ensure high stability, high performance and low bleed columns for high demanding application.
Adamas® has a wide range of chemistries, including five C18, which ensure the maximum selectivity selection to achieve your best separation. A correct strategy will use phases with complementary selectivity which gives confidence that one of them will produce the separation. Resolution — that’s the key!

• Better Peak Symmetry               : Ultra High-purity silica eliminates peak tailing problems
• Long Column Life                         : Exceptional column stability minimizes downtime and reduces cost
• Ideal for Critical Analysis          : Low to no detectable column bleed
• 5 Selectivities of C18 Phases   : Optimizes retention, resolution, and analysis time
• 8 Phases Available                       : C8-C4-Phenyl-Diol-Cyano-Amino-Silica-HILIC
• From Analytical to Prep             : 2.1mm – 3.0mm – 4.0mm – 4.6mm – 7.8mm – 10mm – 21.2mm – 30mm – 50mm IDs